Tribal Government

The Isle de Jean Charles band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Tribe is one of 10 state-recognized Indian tribes in Louisiana. The governing body of the Tribe consists of a traditional chief, two deputy chiefs, four council people, a tribal secretary, a council of elders, and tribal advisors. Traditionally, the Chief of the Island has many responsibilities that include procuring resources for people of the Island, escorting visitors to the Island to protect the safety of the Tribe, and organizing Tribal events and meetings. Below are current members of the Isle de Jean Charles Tribal Government:

Traditional Chief


Traditional Chief AlberT Naquin

Deputy Chiefs


Deputy Chief Wenceslaus Billiot Jr. 



Deputy Chief Antoine Dardar 



Tribal Council

Councilman Tommy Dardar 


Councilman Chris Brunet 



Councilman Edison Dardar 



Councilman Roy Naquin 


Council of Elders


Father Roch Naquin

Wenceslaus Billiot Sr.

Tribal Executive Secretary 


Chantel Comardelle


Tribal Advisors


Alcee Dupre

Démé Naquin